Seriously. I once again ate a big lunch and decided to go with just a grapefruit for dinner. Now it’s 10pm, and my stomach is grumblin. But I will resist. Damn I wish I didn’t know about the stash of Girl Scout cookies in the cabinet.
Got the word earlier that I should make Friday reservations for Ocean down on Ferry Street. We’ve had luck as walk-ins but it’s getting tougher for sure. Last time (a Friday), we were fortunate to get there before the rush and the manager found us a spot at the end of the long center table. Their menu offers a large selection of appetizers which you can treat as tapas (that’s generally how i roll) and maybe 8-10 official entrées. I try to pick 3 apps, making one my appetizer and the other two for my meal. Last time i started with the “hot wings” and then had the calamari and yellowfin tuna tartare. The wings are a surprise on the menu and an even bigger surprise when you see the dish. Cooked chicken is puréed and placed within a wonton shell. A delicate wing bone is placed into the chicken and held in place by the edges of the dough creating a sort of chicken lollipop once it’s fried. You receive about 5 of them on a long platter, painted with a triptych of colored sauces: bleu cheese, buffalo and herb (basil if i remember right). There’s a great contrast between the crunchy shell and the tender, savory chicken. Combine that with the classic wing flavor experience without the messy fingers and you get one of my favorite dishes ever.