Sugar: The Patisserie, just across the river in Phillipsburg, seemingly vanished a couple years ago. Web searches for the founder, Samantha Burns, in conjunction with “pastry” or “bakery” haven’t turned up any mentions more recent than 2006.

We only ate there once but bought desserts several times. It was such a joy to walk through the doors and feast your eyes on the glass cases full of fresh pastries. So difficult to decide. There were no slices of larger desserts – each was like a miniaturized version of a classic. Your personal  sweet treasure. Banana cream pie was the one that really stayed with me. Big enough to share but too good to even consider it.

Once, we convinced our management to use Sugar’s desserts to impress our biggest client. Little did we know, that would be our last Sugar experience.

We hoped Ms. Burns had maybe moved her operation further into the Lehigh Valley – P-burg isn’t exactly a hub of good taste. Even moving 1/4 mile across the river into Easton would have made the business more viable.

Does anyone out there on teh internets have a clue about what happened to Ms. Burns? Some community is getting to enjoy her skills and we’d love to know who we should be jealous of.