So I read an article in February touting the “first Friday” jazz dinner at the 3rd Street Café. Then we drove past on March’s first Friday and saw that the place was packed for dinner. That sealed it. We had to go to the next one.

Then I totally flaked until this morning when i realized i’d better make reservations for tomorrow night. Damn, that place is tiny and maybe i waited too long and there aren’t any tables left!?

“Third St Café”

“Hi, you’re having the jazz dinner tomorrow night?”
“Hold on. Are we having entertainment tomorrow?” [she asks someone]

“We’ll have jazz Saturday morning.” [he replies]

“Oh. So no jazz even though tomorrow is first Friday?”


So why were you promoting this event that you weren’t actually having? And why is there a huge callout on the web site saying “Every First Friday”? I mean c’mon…it’s one day a month. We’d still go even is there was no jazz – i don’t even really like jazz – but now that my spitey sense has kicked in, i’ll be shunning the 3rd St Café until my wife talks me down.