We finally got back to The River Grille – it’s probably been since last summer at least. For a while it was easily the best restaurant in downtown Easton. I think we just felt more comfortable in more intimate spots like Ocean and Sette Luna. The River Grille’s cavernous main dining room can get frustratingly noisy and the patio furniture in the semi-open-air front section was really uncomfortable on our previous visit.

We were again seated in the front section (probably because we hadn’t made a reservation) but thankfully they’d replaced the metal tables and chairs with comfy high-end chairs and a built-in bench along the long wall. The menu felt familiar but there were a fair number of new offerings. I’d had a great ribeye here maybe 2 years ago and was psyched to see it still on the menu. It had been really tender, not too fatty and perfectly seasoned. My wife started with the tomatoes and mozzarella and i had the granola salad. There was maybe too much mozzarella relative to the tomatoes, but i snagged the extra so i’m not really complaining. I had the granola salad – mixed greens with pineapple, granola and raisins. A great way to add some crunch and flavor without piling on the dressing. I’m gonna try it at home.



My wife had 2 appetizers for her dinner – the tomato bisque and mussels. She was in heaven. The bisque was amazingly smooth and rich. My ribeye was as perfect as I remembered. If i have one criticism, it’s that the side dishes could have been more inventive. The portions were all really generous and it was getting late so we skipped dessert this time. Everything was really great and I don’t see us waiting as long between visits anymore.