I’d heard that a Five Guys Burgers and Fries had popped up in the Lehigh Valley (there are 2 actually plus one up in Stroudsburg). I love a good burger and i’ve been intrigued by Five Guys since the Prez began drawing crowds to the DC franchise. We swung by the Airport Road location (next to the new Target just off Rt 22) to see what all the buzz was about.

The menu is pretty basic – burgers, dogs, fries and sodas. My wife ordered a “little” cheeseburger, i had a regular cheeseburger and we shared a large fries. The regular burger is actually 2 “little” burgers stacked. We both got ours with “everything on it” which included mayo, lettuce, pickles, grilled onions and mushrooms, ketchup, mustard and green peppers. Relish, raw onions, jalapenos, A-1, BBQ sauce and hot sauce are also available.

While we waited for our order # to be called, we shelled some peanuts – a nice distraction for a hungry crowd. It’s interesting to watch the noisy assembly line in the simple open kitchen just behind the counter. The vocal crew, basic menu, peanut shells, and no-secrets kitchen all combine to communicate one simple truth – it’s fun to eat real food.

Our number came up and we took our big brown paper bag out to a sidewalk table. As you can see, the buns were packed with sloppy goodness. The meat itself was tender and flavorful – the patties are loosely packed never-frozen beef and are always cooked well done. And the fries kick ass if you’re into “boardwalk” style.