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Based on the recommendation of a visitor to the blog, we checked out The Blue Sky Café on 4th St. in Bethlehem last Sunday. I didn’t remember the street address so we crawled down 4th until I spotted the tiny sign and circled the block to find a parking space. I anticipated some difficulty due to the proximity of Lehigh U and the post-church crowd. I got us within a block. Our timing was decent – just a couple people ahead of us for a table.

It’s a lively spot with a busy open kitchen and contemporary style. The menu has all your standard options with a lot of custom creations and seasonal specials – the pumpkin pancakes with maple-walnut butter sounded great. I was tempted but I went with the Sweet Potato Quesadilla instead. Creamy mashed sweet potatoes inside the tortilla, topped with cheese, scrambled eggs, black bean salsa and sour cream. I highly recommend it if you have a big appetite.


My wife was verry happy with her Steel City omelet. Smoked bacon, shallots, wild mushrooms, tomatoes and smoked gouda. They gladly made it with egg whites only.


Definitely check out Blue Sky next time you’re in Bethlehem. We’re excited to try their lunch menu or stop in for a casual dinner.


We dropped by Ocean, one our Easton faves, on a recent Saturday evening sans reservation. It seems we’ve built up some cred with the manager as he overruled the hostess to give us a better table than the one she’d found for us. (I’m sure it was that he recognized us as semi-frequent patrons – not that he’s aware of the vast influence of The Fork City.) His gesture made me feel a little bad that we hadn’t visited since March, but we’d tried most of the menu by that point and wanted to branch out a bit for the blog.

We immediately noticed a bunch of new dishes (maybe 20% of the menu?) and were excited to check them out. They’ve also changed up the complimentary dish from hummus and crackers to a black bean dip and tricolor nacho chips – a bit less premium but tastier I thought.


For my appetizer, I had the phyllo-wrapped herbed goat cheese with honey and pine nuts and my wife had the stuffed scallop with braised cabbage and red beet cream. Both were great. I’ve been in love with the combination of honey and goat cheese ever since i encountered it maybe 5 years ago in Bermuda.



I combined two tapas dishes for my dinner. I sometimes attempt to combine complementary dishes but i failed this time. English pea soup with lobster and potato hash and Korean braised pork belly with house-made kimchee. The portions were more generous than i was ready for. And even though the flavors didn’t work very well together, the sweet soup help put out a bit of the fire from the kimchee.



My wife had the fish special on a bed of root vegetables and lobster. We can’t recall the kind of fish, but it was great as usual.


We barely had room for dessert but we had to try the new stuff. I had the mini carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream. My wife had the dessert special which she wanted mainly for the honey gelato (which in fact is the only part that i can recall – we think the garnish was a peanut brittle but the type of cake escapes us). The cakes were rather dry – almost like someone kept them in a warm oven too long to reheat them before serving.



We can’t wait to go back and try some of the other new dishes. I have my eye on the panko fried prosciutto wrapped mozzarella salad, the lemon risotto, and the shortbread & blueberry napoleon.

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