So we had plans to go to Sette Luna with some friends last Saturday, but the plans fell through. My mom had mentioned coming up to visit so we invited her to dinner – restaurant TBD. I like to expose her to new experiences and figured Phoenicia might be fun. Even with my apprehension about the belly dancing, I was really looking forward to the food again. The belly dancing actually didn’t unnerve me quite as much this time. Maybe it was that this visit was less of a date because of my mom’s presence. Maybe it was that the crowd was much more festive and participatory with the dancer. Or maybe it was that the dancer was considerably more talented and physically umm… impressive than the previous performer. Either way, i was definitely more comfortable with that part of the Phoenicia experience.

Halfway through our appetizers, our waiter quickly jammed the dreaded mixed green salads onto our table. I could tell he was scrambling to keep up with all of his tables, but it was just plain awkward. Oddly, the early salad service turned out to be to our benefit. The potent balsamic dressing was way more enjoyable when eaten in conjunction with the apps and pitas.

I went with chicken kabobs and my mom had the lamb kabobs. My wife went with the stuffed haddock. Based on the two visits, we’re thinkin’ the kabobs are the way to go. Though there is a 20 appetizer assortment (for 2-4 people) that i think would make a fun meal.