We hit Touch of Thai on 2nd St. in Easton again the other Friday night. We wanted someplace where we were sure to get a table and that wouldn’t break the bank as we had plans to visit Sette Luna with friends the next night. Plus my wife looooves their lemongrass soup and wouldn’t stop talking about it.

The handwritten sign on the door promoted a special dessert. We’ve never before encountered menu additions on the door. Hmmmmm. Now, the whole meal would simply be a big buildup to this mysterious sweet treat.

The damn soup. Yeah, it’s pretty good.

I started with these fried meat patties (can’t remember the name and they’re not listed on the online menu). They’re mostly pork, rice, onions and cilantro if i remember correctly. And with each being the size of a small hamburger patty, they’re really filling.

Some big entrées as usual. My wife’s included green mussels, veggies, sprouts and flat noodles. I ordered one of my faves – glass noodles, ground pork, veggies and peanuts on top of a big omelet. Sorry for not knowing the names. I usually rely on the online menus but Touch of Thai’s seems to be an abridged version.

Dessert. Finally! Their desserts always sizable so we imagined maybe half of a banana inside a mass of sticky rice all wrapped in a large banana leaf. As you can see, they were très petits. But don’t be fooled – the rice is sweetened and mixed with palm oil i believe which adds a lot of richness. The filling included what seemed to be beans in addition to the banana. Plus they were HOT. It was nice to enjoy them slowly and we were definitely satisfied with the small portion. Hope they start offering new specials cuz we’ll be back again soon i’m sure.