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I’ve been working from home since November and have found that podcasts are a great substitute for office chatter. Most of my faves are in the comedy and politics categories, but I just found my first food-related show – The Sporkful. In each 15-25 minute episode, hosts Dan and Mark tackle topics like soft vs. hard pretzels, what’s the best dip for fries, buffet strategies, and popcorn etiquette. Check out their blog too.


A few words from Laini Abraham about our town.

Sitting at gate 2 at the Lehigh Valley airport about to embark on a business trip to Seattle (via Chicago). I can’t believe there are this many people flying this early in the morning. And it seems like many of them do this on a daily basis. Ugh.
Let’s see if I have the motivation to update this post with all of my eating experiences over the next few days…

Update 1: Breakfast at Chicago/O’Hare – Little place called Berghoff in terminal C. Mushroom/onion/jack omelet. Not very fancy but really good and sustained me for the long leg to Seattle. I won’t buy preservative-filled plane food.

Update 2: Dinner at Txori (pronounced chor-ee) – A great Spanish tapas restaurant the team took me to Tuesday evening. We tried a little bit of a lot of stuff. I snagged a menu cuz there was no way i would remember what everything was.

The best dish of the meal was unfortunately the first – octopus, red potato, olive oil and smoked paprika:

chorizo with shaved chocolate:

garbanzo beans in cumin/tomato sauce:

piquillo peppers stuffed with codfish brandade:

veal/pork meatballs:

The day’s cheese plate (our waitress did a poor job explaining the choices):

Update 3: Breakfast at Boka – This is Hotel 1000’s restaurant. Don’t know about lunch or dinner, but the breakfast was tight. Smoked salmon/apple/potato hash with poached eggs and Hollandaise.

Update 4: Dinner at Umi – I was in the mood for sushi and my hosts took me to this great spot on 1st Ave. Amazing sushi. Huge rolls. Cool space. Interesting conversation. It was a bit dark so please pardon the picture quality. Spotted real Ginger Beer on the menu. We’ve loved the soft drink (Bermudian not Jamaican) for years, and now we can get drunk from it! Gotta figure out where to find a case.

Mackerel, yellowtail, tuna belly, and salmon sushi; and lots of rolls – each one different but all equally huge. Definitely would give Sogo a run for their money:

Final Update:  Breakfast at Bigfoot Food & Spirits at Sea-Tac airport. I only had a few minutes before my plane started boarding and the meal was way bigger than expected. A huge croissant sandwich with roasted potatoes and a big bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola. Followed by some Five Guys gloriousness at Washington/Dulles before my flight back to the LV.

Megan from Lehigh Valley Transplant, guest blogging on Lehigh Valley InSite, reminisces about her great experience at Bolete on New Year’s Eve 2008.

Nearly every New Year’s (except this past one) we find ourselves scrambling for something to do. We always plan so thoroughly for xmas that we completely forget about New Year’s! Gotta keep Bolete top of mind for next year – or maybe I should just book it now and ask them to give me a reminder phone call next December!

Stumbled across Lehigh Valley Transplant last night while looking for info on the planned seafood restaurant opening in the old Lipkin’s building by next spring (hopefully). Check her out for a lot of great info on Lehigh Valley businesses – not just restaurants, but boutiques, galleries, events and more.
While she touches on a larger swath of the Valley than I do, there are some nice shout outs to Easton. And now i’m really interested in making my way over to Kome at the Promenade Shops.

I agree about the Third Street Cafe. We drove by last Friday night and place was hoppin’. Apparently they do a Jazz dinner the first Friday of each month. We’re gonna try it in April.

Just discovered Breakfast in the Valley. I gotta scan through her posts – we’re always on the lookout for a new weekend breakfast spot. I have to (again) recommend checking out Tracy’s Cafe for your morning meal if you’re ever up on College Hill in Easton. Nothin’ fancy for sure, but way good.

Cameras don’t work if their batteries aren’t charged (unless you have a disposable or your trusty camera obscura to capture your precious memories).

We just had a great meal at Sette Luna, and i was hoping it would be the first time i took pics for the blog. I was thrilled that i remembered the Canon on our way out the door, though it crossed my mind that the battery may not be charged. Not that we had time to charge it as we had called ahead for a table. I really have to do a post about “call ahead seating” at some point. I’d love to hear any opinions on it cuz we think it blowz.

When our appetizer came (Mozzarello al Forno – fantastic btw) i whipped out the camera, turned it on and went for the button that turns off the flash…CHANGE BATTERY PACK stared back at me with a slight smirk.

So no visual documentation. Sorry. Tomorrow night it’s Ocean and I swear i’ll have my shit together by then. Our entrées looked great, though you’ll have to take my word for it. I had the bianca pizza with goat cheese and beets topped with fresh arugula. My wife went with the linguini with clams – a little linguini and lots of clams. She said it was the perfect proportion. I went with one of several Belgian beers they have on draft. Smooth and citrusy with warm spice. My wife had a quartino of Nero d’Avola.

Another great experience at Sette Luna. My overall review will be up next week.

I’ve started to look a little harder for Lehigh Valley foodie blogs and discovered LV Eggplant. Some great info and a major reminder that I need to start taking the camera with us to dinner. This page is way boring right now.

Anyway, it looks like she had a weird incident at Sette Luna down on Ferry Street. We’ve never had any problems that I can recall. Nice to hear that the manager was so helpful – he seems really pleasant whenever we’re there. It’s also a reminder that the day will come when i blog about a bad experience and incur the wrath of a chef or some waitstaff. Joy.

I just migrated the blog over to WordPress. Figured I’d do it now before I got too cozy at blogspot. I just dug their templates, the typography and the admin capabilities more.

I settled on the name and decided on a simple rebus for the header. I’ve been infatuated with helvetica lately. Big helvetica. Rent the movie.

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