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We just paid our first visit of this hott summer to the Easton Farmers’ Market and stopped at the Third Street Café for brunch. We were initially looking for breakfast and almost chose The Quadrant due to Third Street’s switching to the lunch menu around 11. Turns out they’ve switched things around and now offer brunch till noon, overlapping that menu with lunch. That meant lots of tasty options. I almost went for the country breakfast sampler of eggs, sausage and buttermilk pancakes but switched to the gooey awesome melt below – ham, apples and brie on French toast. So good but tough to eat – it was hard to keep the big pieces of apple from sliding out. My wife had the spinach and artichoke omelet. Everything is always fresh, simple and full of flavor. You gotta try this place for lunch.

We wish they offered dinner on Friday/Saturday evenings – not just the café menu – to sample the full breadth of the chef’s repertoire. My impression is that the kitchen might not be equipped to handle a serious dinner, but a limited menu might be doable, no? Maybe prix fixe? I’d be the first to sign up.


I recently took a 2-day trip to Chicago for a some meetings in one of our Chicago facilities and snapped a couple pics of the two substantial meals I had.

My first morning, I grabbed breakfast at my hotel’s restaurant – David Burke’s Primehouse. The hotel really hyped the place up but, because a $50 steak on the expense report isn’t generally well-received, I figured i’d at least grab breakfast to get a sense of Primehouse’s quality. I ordered their signature omelet with filet tips, mushrooms and caramelized onions. It all looked great as you can see, but it was so flavorless! Just a little salt and pepper would have been nice. I could have added it myself, but it’s just not the same, so i slogged through it as presented. Who needs all that sodium anyway, right?

That evening, I was looking for a lighter dinner and remembered a place we passed a few times on our trip last October, ENO. They offer a wide range of wines, cheeses, cured meats and chocolates. I decided on a flight of Côtes du Rhône paired with the server’s cheese flight reco. They were all hard cheeses – i prefer soft – so i should have clarified. They were good nonetheless. Overall, an amazing selection, decent prices and a nice atmosphere. And little cards explaining everything!

We hit Touch of Thai on 2nd St. in Easton again the other Friday night. We wanted someplace where we were sure to get a table and that wouldn’t break the bank as we had plans to visit Sette Luna with friends the next night. Plus my wife looooves their lemongrass soup and wouldn’t stop talking about it.

The handwritten sign on the door promoted a special dessert. We’ve never before encountered menu additions on the door. Hmmmmm. Now, the whole meal would simply be a big buildup to this mysterious sweet treat.

The damn soup. Yeah, it’s pretty good.

I started with these fried meat patties (can’t remember the name and they’re not listed on the online menu). They’re mostly pork, rice, onions and cilantro if i remember correctly. And with each being the size of a small hamburger patty, they’re really filling.

Some big entrées as usual. My wife’s included green mussels, veggies, sprouts and flat noodles. I ordered one of my faves – glass noodles, ground pork, veggies and peanuts on top of a big omelet. Sorry for not knowing the names. I usually rely on the online menus but Touch of Thai’s seems to be an abridged version.

Dessert. Finally! Their desserts always sizable so we imagined maybe half of a banana inside a mass of sticky rice all wrapped in a large banana leaf. As you can see, they were très petits. But don’t be fooled – the rice is sweetened and mixed with palm oil i believe which adds a lot of richness. The filling included what seemed to be beans in addition to the banana. Plus they were HOT. It was nice to enjoy them slowly and we were definitely satisfied with the small portion. Hope they start offering new specials cuz we’ll be back again soon i’m sure.

Sitting at gate 2 at the Lehigh Valley airport about to embark on a business trip to Seattle (via Chicago). I can’t believe there are this many people flying this early in the morning. And it seems like many of them do this on a daily basis. Ugh.
Let’s see if I have the motivation to update this post with all of my eating experiences over the next few days…

Update 1: Breakfast at Chicago/O’Hare – Little place called Berghoff in terminal C. Mushroom/onion/jack omelet. Not very fancy but really good and sustained me for the long leg to Seattle. I won’t buy preservative-filled plane food.

Update 2: Dinner at Txori (pronounced chor-ee) – A great Spanish tapas restaurant the team took me to Tuesday evening. We tried a little bit of a lot of stuff. I snagged a menu cuz there was no way i would remember what everything was.

The best dish of the meal was unfortunately the first – octopus, red potato, olive oil and smoked paprika:

chorizo with shaved chocolate:

garbanzo beans in cumin/tomato sauce:

piquillo peppers stuffed with codfish brandade:

veal/pork meatballs:

The day’s cheese plate (our waitress did a poor job explaining the choices):

Update 3: Breakfast at Boka – This is Hotel 1000’s restaurant. Don’t know about lunch or dinner, but the breakfast was tight. Smoked salmon/apple/potato hash with poached eggs and Hollandaise.

Update 4: Dinner at Umi – I was in the mood for sushi and my hosts took me to this great spot on 1st Ave. Amazing sushi. Huge rolls. Cool space. Interesting conversation. It was a bit dark so please pardon the picture quality. Spotted real Ginger Beer on the menu. We’ve loved the soft drink (Bermudian not Jamaican) for years, and now we can get drunk from it! Gotta figure out where to find a case.

Mackerel, yellowtail, tuna belly, and salmon sushi; and lots of rolls – each one different but all equally huge. Definitely would give Sogo a run for their money:

Final Update:  Breakfast at Bigfoot Food & Spirits at Sea-Tac airport. I only had a few minutes before my plane started boarding and the meal was way bigger than expected. A huge croissant sandwich with roasted potatoes and a big bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola. Followed by some Five Guys gloriousness at Washington/Dulles before my flight back to the LV.

Based on the recommendation of a visitor to the blog, we checked out The Blue Sky Café on 4th St. in Bethlehem last Sunday. I didn’t remember the street address so we crawled down 4th until I spotted the tiny sign and circled the block to find a parking space. I anticipated some difficulty due to the proximity of Lehigh U and the post-church crowd. I got us within a block. Our timing was decent – just a couple people ahead of us for a table.

It’s a lively spot with a busy open kitchen and contemporary style. The menu has all your standard options with a lot of custom creations and seasonal specials – the pumpkin pancakes with maple-walnut butter sounded great. I was tempted but I went with the Sweet Potato Quesadilla instead. Creamy mashed sweet potatoes inside the tortilla, topped with cheese, scrambled eggs, black bean salsa and sour cream. I highly recommend it if you have a big appetite.


My wife was verry happy with her Steel City omelet. Smoked bacon, shallots, wild mushrooms, tomatoes and smoked gouda. They gladly made it with egg whites only.


Definitely check out Blue Sky next time you’re in Bethlehem. We’re excited to try their lunch menu or stop in for a casual dinner.

Outside Easton, on Tatamy Road across from Palmer Nursery you’ll find a little strip mall with a The Breakfast Table at one end. We’d heard good things from friends and here so we gave it a try the other weekend. We were out that way to grab some raw milk at Klein Farms so I could try my hand at making some homemade mozzarella. (It was time consuming but the results were good in case you care.)

The staff was extremely friendly and the place was clean and neat. They had a number of quiches that all sounded great but i went with the Bananas Foster French Toast special. Really good – maybe a bit too much syrup. And real whipped cream would have held up better than the canned stuff that melted almost immediately in the warm syrup. I love whipped cream, so it sorta forced me to wolf it down before the cream totally vanished.

My wife continues her search for the perfect omelet. She hasn’t found any better than those that she’s had at Tracy’s Cafe on Cattell St on College Hill. (Tracy’s homefries are also the best.) This one was good but the mixing-the filling-with-the-eggs technique is a definite turnoff for us. I guess it makes the omelet easier to execute, but it seems to make the whole thing somewhat more dry.


I’d say each dish averaged a buck or two more than we usually pay for breakfast, but the portions were good and the menu had a number of contemporary options you won’t find at your average diner. We hope to try more of the menu though we’re not into driving for breakfast unless we’re multi-tasking like we were that day.

We finally got our butts outta bed a couple Saturdays ago to hit the Easton Farmers’ Market for the first time this season. It’s a nice walk down College Hill for us and the dog and it’s a great opportunity to buy locally produced foods. We generally try to grab breakfast on the way to the market – either at the Quadrant Book Mart or the Third Street Café. As good as the food is at the Quadrant, it can be a bit chaotic and tough to get a table. Third Street Café’s food is great and the service is tight. Plus, compared to the Quadrant, the sidewalk seating is more generous and gets full shade on hot summer days – two good things when we have our pup with us.

Their menu is a bit more gourmet than your standard breakfast fare, but don’t worry – there’s nothing too exotic and the portions are great. And they have a number of specials in addition to the core menu. My wife had an artichoke and cheddar omelet and I had tender scrambled eggs with sausage and sausage gravy on biscuits. Both dishes came with sides of soft breakfast potatoes flavored with a peppery sauce. I’m used to a crispier, greasier style of homefries, but these were a nice change of pace (though I still prefer crispier potatoes as a contrast to soft eggs). It was all great. And filling – we could barely finish everything.



To drink, my wife enjoyed some coffee while i had a strawberry smoothie – a good one, not a syrupy premixed sugar shake. They have an assortment of fruit and will mix you up whatever combo you like. I think they have music every Saturday for breakfast. On this day there was a guitarist – really pleasant and not obtrusive.

All in all, it was a really nice way to start our Saturday. We headed over to the farmers’ market and grabbed a local wine, some cookies and a cherry pie, and a pork loin roast before the hike back up the hill. Then… nap time.

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